Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Brett Favre

This story is getting more interesting as it appears the Packers are shopping trade options. I think about 10 teams are in the mix maybe more but I would imagine Favre will only go to a team that has a playoff caliber team already in place. Where do you think he will go? I personally know from my contacts that the Washington Redskins are very interested in him. If he goes to an NFC team I think it could very well be to the Redskins. They are a playoff team that could use a Pro-Bowl Quarterback like him to lead their offense. I would be shocked if they let a team like the Vikings get him that would not be smart at all. Another possibilty is the New York Jets they could sure use him but are they ready to make a Super Bowl run? I doubt it. Maybe Baltimore could use him? I think they could and would love to have him plus he could teach that Flacco kid too a double bonus. Should be interesting to see what happens in the next week or two. I can't wait for the season to start!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Last night the Boston Celtics won there 17 NBA Championship in style pounding the Los Angleles Lakers into submission! The game had to have been one of the most lopsided victories in Finals history. Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen all had big nights to help the Celtics close out the Lakers. Ray Allen after missing most of the second half after getting smacked in the eye hit 7 three pointers. A few of those shots he was wide open with no one near him, the Lakers defense was horrible to say the least. The Celtics on the other hand played great Defense, Kobe Bryant was red hot in the first quarter but when no one else on the Lakers had a hot hand the Celtics put the clamp down on Kobe and made the other Lakers beat them, which of course they did not!

I think this series was over when the Celtics came from behind in game 4 in LA, the Lakers did a decent job in sending it to game 6 but the Celtics were just to tough especially in front of their home crowd. For me it was exciting to see the elation from Garnett, Pierce and Allen. They all wanted it so bad after being in the league for years and finally getting a championship was great to see. I think any fan of NBA basketball can appreciate that.

The Lakers and Celtics will both be tough oponents again next year but this year was clearly the Celtics year even though they stumbled out of the gates to start the playoffs they figured it out when they had to and got it done with sheer talent and determination. Congratulations Boston Celtics!

Tiger wins playoff but needs surgery.

Tigers Woods fresh off his big extra 19 holes victory will need season ending knee surgery with a torn ligament. He has been dealing with this injury for about 10 months but despite the pain has managed to win 9 of the 12 tournaments he played in, unbelievable! Woods went against his doctors advice and played in the US Open that required 91 holes of golf to win it. Tiger is truly a remarkable player and his name fits him well to say the least.

Woods just played in 7 tournaments worldwide this year and won 5 of them. His victory over Rocco Mediate in the US Open was nothing short of amazing to say the least. He never gives up and is an intimidating force on the golf course. But maybe a short breather for all the other golfers out there on the tour is going to be nice for them and Tiger....

Friday, June 13, 2008

Lakers blow big lead, down 3-1 in Finals

What a game last night! If you are a Laker fan you are not a happy camper today to say the least! The Lakers played a great first half in last nights game leading by as much as 24 points. However they laid an egg in the second half, up by 20 points halfway through the 3rd quarter! They blew it big time. But you have to give some credit to the Boston Celtics, they did not give up.

Ray Allen was amazing last night, that reverse lay up with about 2 minutes left was incredible, he switched hands and double pumped while gliding through the air to reverse the lay up! He even made Sasha Vujacic look silly when he drove past him for an easy game clinching layup. I am not sure why they had Sasha guard him it was a big mismatch. Garnett played well and Paul Pierce and James Posey were very good in the second half. Pierce kept in Kobe Bryants face the entire second half making it tough on him to get off a clean shot. This series is not over but the odds are against the Lakers. I expect them to come out and play hard Sunday but all the momentum is on the Celtics side. I think the Celtics could even win it in 5 but if not they will win at home in game 6. I think Pierce, Allen and Garnett are hungrier for a Championship than most of the Lakers and they played like it in the second half last night.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Lakers get it done at home

Backs against the wall, must win all the lines you have heard before and the Lakers played like it was a must win and pulled it out in front of a home crowd at the Staples center. Kobe Bryant looked like the MVP he is in putting the team on his shoulders and carrying the Lakers in the 4th quarter when it was a close game. Kobe could not be stopped when it came down to crunch time with him knowing the Lakers needed to score. Ray Allen did all he could in guarding him but even with a defender in his face Kobe still seems to make the shot. I am not sure anyone can guard him when he is on. He scored 36 points and Sasha Vujacic added another 20 points.

For the Celtics Ray Allen was hot hitting 5 of 7 three pointers scoring 25 points total. Paul Pierce had an off night and that was basically the difference in my opinion. The Lakers kept in his face all night frustrating him and making him try and hit some tough shots. But still the Celtics were in the game with 5 minutes left which bodes welll for them if they can get the big three to all play well on the road they should steal one. Easier said that done of course. Let's see what is in store Thursday should be another good one.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Celtics hold off Lakers take 2-0 series lead

Wow what a crazy game last night! The Boston Celtics led by Paul Pierce and his 28 points came to play last night, well for at least 3 1/2 quarters. Ray Allen had 17 points as did Kevin Garnett with 14 rebounds and the unheralded Leon Powe scorched the Lakers with 21 points in 15 minutes! Unbelievable! But even crazier was the fact that the Lakers were down by 24 points with just under 8 minutes left but did not give up. They cut the lead to 104-102 with under a minute to go but Pierce hit two clutch free throws and then blocked a jumper by Sasha Vujacic to ice it for the Celtics. Pierce and the rest of his crew are on a mission in my opinion. The big three of Pierce, Garnett and Allen are all starving for their first title in their long careers. Up 2-0 they have a good chance but can they win a game in LA where the Lakers have not lost since March? It will be a tough task and I expect the Los Angeles Lakers to come out with a huge chip on their shoulders because certainly they could not be happy being down 0-2 plus add in the fact that the officiating was... oh let's say maybe benefited the home team a bit. I do think Phil Jackson was not thinking clearly when he basically slapped Leon Powe in the face saying his name wrong and stating that he went to the line in his 15 minutes more than the entire Lakers did. That may come back to bit him. Either way we are in for some more drama at the Staples center in game 3, stay tuned!

Friday, June 6, 2008

Celtics Beat LA in game 1

The NBA legends were out in Boston last night in full force but it was the future legends on the court that made all the noise. Last night in Boston the Celtics were lead by a determined Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett prevailed in game one of the finals. Pierce who injured his knee and had to be carried off the court to the locker room made a dramatic return to help lead his team to the victory. What could have been a huge blow to the series and the Celtics chances was turned around quickly when Pierce came bouncing out of the locker to the roar of 18,000 screaming fans! That was fun to see and you could hear the entire city of Boston breath a sigh...of relief.

All of the big three had solid games yesterday and that was the difference, Garnett with 24, Pierce with 22 and Allen with 19 points. I am excited to watch this series as it brings back memories of the 80's when it was Magic vs. Bird....those were fun times in the NBA and this is something the NBA has needed for a while know. Both teams have high caliber first class players on there teams. Somewhat reminiscent of the Lakers and Celtics of old minus the tight shorter shorts of course. Although this is the first time they have met in the finals since 1987 this is the 11th time the two franchises have played each other in the finals. If the rest of the series is as exciting as game one we are in for a very competitive series, will it go 7 games?